Space Tractor! The kickstarter campaign begins.

Yesterday we launched our Kickstarter campaign.  It was a pretty dramatic event.  Birds, a 1st grade artist we know (we’ll be the house band at her upcoming Zendo show later this month—stay tuned)) and I counted down from 3 and yelled “BLASTOFF!” when David (Birds) pushed the “publish” button.  Now we can say that we know exactly how the folks at NASA feel.

After blasting off we kept a close watch on the campaign in case there were any space-themed emergencies like parts falling off, gravity loss or extra-terrestrial language translator typos.  Instead (and much to our surprise) we started getting pledges to fund our project!

Not wanting to waste a moment of the most precious 45 days of our lives we got down to business and played a show at Low Spirits for The Palace Flophouse‘s CD release party (an auspicious occasion for the first day of our campaign).  We were joined by some other awesome local acts: The American Rails and Mr. & Mrs. Jones.

Today, not wanting to stop performing for a single moment Stef and I wandered into Musica Post-Apocalyptica dressed as Cowboys Post-Disco and performed a piece with the Chuppers.  We were joined by Marisa and Monica Demarco who can harmonize at the drop of a sequin-studded hat (or pants).

IMG_4580Christy and Stef, Space Cowboys for Cactus Tractor.

The Chuppers (magical musical machine instruments designed by Manny Rettinger), incidentally, set off the Martian-language translation device.  I knew it would come in handy.

Tomorrow we’ll seek out new life and new civilizations and boldly go where no one  has gone before.

If you’d like to fact-check this post try reading David’s account on our Kickstarter page!