We have two very exciting pieces of news to report about our Kickstarter campaign, mostly regarding numbers.

#1. Sometime yesterday, for a brief but memorable moment, the total amount pledged to our campaign was exactly six hundred and sixty-six dollars (and one cent), thanks to one devilishly clever (and addition-savvy) donor. Well, we would like to thank all our donors for helping us reach that number … and move past it! We’re now up closer to $888.01. Perhaps the next clever devil will donate 87 cents.

#2. Even though we’ve now played the song “Green” at least two hundred times, and possibly as many as five hundred times (Christy’s total, since she wrote it and was playing it before we were, is probably right up around the number of the beast), Christy forgot the lyrics midway through at the Low Spirits show last Saturday night. That’s partly funny based simply on disbelief, but mostly is exciting because I got to noodle around (“solo”) until she could clear the fart smell from her brain and get back on track. I’d say that took at least 81 seconds, and perhaps as many as 243. The song has only three chords, but those three chords have the ability to combine in something like 27 different ways, and of course all nine band members guessed differently which section we were in. It was total three-chord chaos. Power chord chaos! Power-of-three chord chaos? Now I see how Christy got so confused. I think I smell something…


Be careful your face doesn’t get stuck thinking about this!