From our most recent collaboration with Humbird comes a beautiful video of “Under the Sky”

We were very lucky to have had the opportunity to record a handful of songs at KUNM’s studios in Albuquerque for the great local music program “Ear to the Ground.” Here are three of the tunes.



Christy Cook singingĀ  “Green”:





Stef Graner singing “Flood”





Paul Hunton taking the lead on “Twenty Years” (much of which he wrote in the bathtub):




Here’s a video we made at the Tucson club “Plush” when visiting for the PotLuck Audio Conference in 2013. Dusty Wakeman of Mojave Audio put together the recording session, and Samur Khouja of Seahorse Sound did the recording. CharterOak then mastered it that evening. Poof! On the recording are Christy Cook, David Bashwiner, Stef Graner, and Samuel Sullivan. On the video are hands, letters, and lights. This video is sponsored by the letter E.





Et enfin, our Kickstarter video (campaign was successful, thanks!) for our debut album. You’ll like it! The song is “Green,” written by Christy, and the video was shot and edited by Michael Lopez. The hula hooping bicycle balancing wonder is the world famous Steve Bags.




I didn’t mean “enfin,” or perhaps I did but was unsure of its meaning. In any event, here’s us at Sister, late at night. Early in the morning, actually.