THE THING (and Hinklefinny Duster)!

In a previous post I promised to tell you about THE THING, and shortly you will find out about THE THING, in fact, I plan to remind you about my exciting plan to tell you about THE THING every few words, just so you know that THE THING is out there and that I will indeed reveal to you the great mystery of the THE THING very soon!


We drove over the New Mexico and Arizona border and immediately noticed that the road was smoother, and the hills were greener and the sky was a little bit brighter.  We stopped at a rest  stop, and Stef and I gathered some quarters together so we could see THE THING.


David took our photo ( a la Scooby Doo) before we ventured into the cave-like entrance that promised us the enticing opportunity to see… well you know.


We followed a set of yellow bigfoot tracks.  If you look carefully you’ll notice that ole’ bigfoot may have been trying not to pee his pants. You may also notice that he had stepped in paint.


Here are some of the things in one of the three scarily enormous warehouses we explored (whilst following big yellow bigfoot’s big feet).  NOTE: these things were not THE THING.


We walked into the third warehouse, and were holding hands because it had begun to feel like a scary thriller movie.  As soon as we walked inside a bird chortled around in the rafters and then we saw it, THE THING.  I didn’t take a photo, because I didn’t want to spoil it for you, so next time you’re traveling between Arizona and New Mexico check it out.

While you’re there you can also check out this awesome Cactus.  It sprouted out of Samuel, but we decided to leave it there rather than pack it in with the accordion and everything else that was basically blocking any view out the back window of the car.

 IMG_4516“I give and I give and I give,” says Samuel, after birthing his body-cactus.

PART II: Hinklefinny Duster

Shortly after this set of strange happenings, David decided to develop his own special super power: becoming a different, even nerdier person: Hinklefinny Duster. Here he is, ladies!

IMG_4517 IMG_4518

See Hinkle in action by clicking here!