Candid photos from the lives of artists.

ImageWhen we visited Glenna in Milwaukee, David got put in prison for imitating a raccoon.  They just don’t stand for that kind of thing there!  However, everyone seemed to be fine with Orson imitating a hopping beaver (look for footage soon)!

ImageWhen we moved Paul Wilhelm out of his Hyde park apartment in Chicago, we also had the opportunity to build a sculpture.  I’d like to describe it as a “found object” work, but a more apt term would be “finders keepers,” as people kept walking off with parts of it.

ImageDavid and Orson can’t sit on a street corner without looking like the cover of a record from the 1970s.    Further evidence that they may already be famous.

ImageDavid Cook (brother!) points at a mouth in an art book.  “It look’s like David’s mouth” (he means Sebastian.)

ImageWe don’t smoke cigarettes but that doesn’t stop us from wanting to collect them all!  Plus, American Spirits look really good with everything we wear.  David carries three boxes around in his pockets as a means of illustrating this point.

ImageThe car! Orson is under that pile somewhere.

ImageDavid Cook.  Wearing red string and talking on a smart phone.

ImageThis photo just appeared on my phone.  I’m thinking some kind of poltergeist artist is at work.