We got a late start to our tour today because Bashwiner was giving me music lessons.  He said he thought it would be a good idea for me to “catch up” to his PhD in music theory before we left, so about four hours later we were ready to go.

Our first order of business on the road was to think of a new band name.  We’ve been changing it pretty regularly: Dave, His Dog and His Gun begot Bandana Verde which begot Cactus Tractor…  We thought “why the heck not keep on begetting!”  And Cactus Tractor begot Cat Distractor.

At about nine we stopped to have a light supper of hot dogs and Subway sandwiches.  We sat at a little table nestled between wind chimes and a Slushie machine in a gas station super mart.  I tried to drink some free water and ended up drinking some free blue-flavored mountain dew. But Sebastian thought I stole it on purpose and tipped off store security.

Now I’m sitting Gingerly on my bed at the Bonanza motel (In Vega, TX).  Sebastian checked the mattresses for bed bugs by looking for blood stains  –He didn’t find any but the idea of finding bloody bug stains on mattresses… is gross.

When I asked what he would do if he had found blood stains he said “I would have started running!”  So at least we agree on the escape plan.


P.S. now it’s morning and it seems like we’re off to a good start:

“I didn’t realize they were that massive of shoes, they’re like two dying suns on my feet”

is what I just heard Sebastian say, here’s what he actually said:

“Can I wear these (pants) with these shoes?”