Columbia by Cactus Tractor

photoCactus Tractor at PotluckCon

Yesterday we recorded “Columbia” at PotluckCon in Dusty Wakeman’s pop-up studio in Tucson Arizona in the Mojave suite at a resort… There is all kinds of name dropping and crediting we get to do, so settle in! Samur from Seahorse Sound in L.A. recorded and mixed the session, and Freidl filmed us (at one point there were several photographers and sound engineers in the room and David sighed happily and said “Finally, we’re getting the recognition we deserve.”) and offered moral support.

Here’s the result of our fun recording session:

Later on in the evening we took our newly recorded track to the CharterOak Suite and had it Mastered before our very eyes. The resulting track is here:

We’re not really sure which is better, but we encourage you to give us your two cents (or more–remember, our Kickstarter campaign is about to launch!). It definitely was a heck-of-a-lot of fun, and this morning we got to listen to our newly recorded, mixed and mastered track on a pair of $15,000 speakers in the show room! It sounded pretty good.