Cactus Tractor Heads to Tucson—and feels first kick from KickStarter Campaign.

This morning 4/7ths of Cactus Tractor headed for Tucson, Arizona to attend an audio and recording conference tastily named PotluckCon.  Keeping this in mind we’d packed lots of snacks for the trip (knowing that road-withered fruit and left-over handfuls of trail mix are excellent additions to any food sharing festivity).

IMG_4472Stef tries to eat a peach, but unfortunately, it tries to eat her back.

Well into the drive we realized that August 1st was supposed to be the first day of our Kickstarter Campaign to make a Cactus Tractor album and, that August 1st is today! Great!  I made a list of everything we have to do starting with David’s suggested list item “make a list of everything we have to do.”  After making the list, I checked off item number one.  That’s about as far as we got today.

However, we had plenty of interesting adventures on our way to Tucson starting with our stop in Hatch.

IMG_4479David carried this banana peel around with him all day.

IMG_4482Stef started getting snuggly with the Colonel.

IMG_4490Meanwhile I was trying to combine two of my interests: Space travel and Pin ups…

IMG_4484Same story.  Or I was trying to get to the big chile on top of this pole, and slipped. 

IMG_4493Stef shared tea with a robot…

IMG_4494And slipped.

IMG_4478David and his banana peel take a walk together.

Please take a moment to watch a short film about it.

Moral of the story: The Cactus Tractor Kickstarter Campaign will begin in a few days, but in the meantime we’ll be posting all about our adventures in New Mexico, Arizona, and wherever else there is a Cactus Tractor (we did find cacti and several tracti at a rest stop / gas station that advertized itself for hundreds of miles with giantly lettered billboards reading… “THE THING!”  Find out more about THE THING in my next post.

Also, watch out for banana peels.