Author: Cactus Tractor

  • Band Member Bios

    Band Member Bios

    Sebastian Hayseed (Claude, Lord Farnsworth). No bio on file. Ginger [no last name] (neé Breadhouse) is the love child of Jennene Swift, who in 1975 married a rock. The song “Brick House” was originally written for her, under the title “Ginger Bread House.” She was proposed to by a famous Brazillian pop star when she was…

  • What is (a) Cactus Tractor?

    What is (a) Cactus Tractor?

    Ginger never understands anything Sebastian (Claude*) says, and vice versa (although Claude [Sebastian] thinks he’s better at it than Ginger is). For instance, she didn’t even know she was being called Ginger for some time. Pincher, binger, danger, finger, linger, stingy,  jingle,  jumper,  Winger—she really doesn’t understand a single thing I say (and vice versa). Hence…

  • U.S. Tour (In the Shape of Yemen)

    U.S. Tour (In the Shape of Yemen)

    So here’s the story in brief: We played a show with the Yeah Man’s the other night under the name of Bandana Verde. They misread our name and thought we were Banana Verde (like an unripe fruit), and so, to one-up us (before even meeting us!), they thought they might be able to co-opt/appropriate our name…