U.S. Tour (In the Shape of Yemen)

So here’s the story in brief: We played a show with the Yeah Man’s the other night under the name of Bandana Verde. They misread our name and thought we were Banana Verde (like an unripe fruit), and so, to one-up us (before even meeting us!), they thought they might be able to co-opt/appropriate our name for their own sick uses and they all wore green bandanas. Of course our name was actually “green bandana” (in translation, for the dense), so they accidentally, instead of one-upping us, ended up paying us profound homage. (They spent the day making the bandanas themselves.) So we wanted to do the same for them – pay homage while one-upping, if at all possible. Hence the Yeah-Man tour (Yemen), which miraculously fits almost exactly into the route that we were planning anyway (lest it go to their heads). Shows already in Tulsa, Springfield, Chicago, Milwaukee, Omaha… More or less. Still working on Gary.

U.S. Tour (In the Shape of Yemen) 2012
July 21, 2012, 5-7 pm, Marble, Albuquerque, NM
July 22 2012,  Amarillo, TX, Palo Duro Canyon (“Primitive No Water”)
July 23 2012, Shawnee, OK
July 24 2012, St. Louis, MO
July 25 2012, Springfield, IL
July 29, 2012, 8 pm, Private concert: Stepanik/Gafney, Chicago, IL
July 30 2012, Milwaukee, WI
Aug. 3, 2012, Private concert: S. L. Bashwiner, Chicago, IL
Aug. 4, 2012, 8 pm, Opera Cabal Salon, Chicago, IL
Aug. 5, 2012, Birthday Concert: D&C Cook, Chicago, IL
Aug. 6 2012, McGillacuddy’s, Galesburg, IL
Aug. 8 2012, Post Pony Palace, Denver, CO