We’re Making A Second Album! And there are 500 Cactus Tractor eggs to be found before April 30th!

Greetings Cactus Tractor Friends, Family and Aficionados!

In the traditional spirit of the Easter/Passover/Spring Equinox season we thought it would be fun to draw on our album with white crayons, dye it bright colors, then hide it in the backs of toilets, under eaves, inside of sewing baskets, in cello cases and light fixtures—all so that you can find it before it rots and smells like sulfur!

But then we realized that although our album is like an egg in many ways—the glimmer in all 20 of our eyes (give or take a freak jousting accident), the unhatched realization of our creative potential, the tiny delicate dream we’re sitting on and warming with our butts—it isn’t actually an egg.

So we hit upon an alternate plan.  We reworked our backer prizes so that the album (The new album! The future album! The egg!) can be pre-ordered for a pledge of $15 flat (no shipping, no nothing! It’s no yolk!).  We only need 500 people to pre-order the CD to make Lydian Water Songs, Pt. II, a reality!

To clarify the Eastery metaphor: Our future album is an “egg”; we’ve “hidden” five hundred of them in places like the “toilet” and the “yard”; and if they’re all found by April 30th, the eggs will hatch into beautiful community-supported “chickens”—which shall be named Lydian Water Songs, Pt. II, Cactus Tractor’s second album.

So, without further ado, let the Cactus Tractor Easter egg hunt begin!  Follow this “clue” to “find one of the “eggs” (Click here to pre-order our future CD!).


davidsweetbunDavid lovingly implores you (with his two unscathed eyes) to join the hunt! He’s holding a traditional sweet bun (or nontraditional vegan lavender doughnut—you decide!) in honor of the season.