In complete agreement with the laws of miracle tours, David and I found ourselves surrounded by new friends; smoking cigars and making large ephemeral art projects (respectively).  After playing a family-awesome-hipster show with Marty Peercy at his hipster-awesome-family coffee house we were invited to stay with a really awesome hipster family!

At some point the men all drifted outside to bond with fire and the night howls of wild animals under the cold distant stars, or something.  I stayed inside with the women and children and got to participate in the creation and destruction of a series of popsicle stick sculpture/paintings.

If you’ve read David’s account of our Shawnee experience you’ve probably already checked out LeAnne’s art, but you should know that she’s also an incredible art teacher, and her sons Titus and Duke are living evidence.  Titus, LeAnne and I spent the better part of an hour coming up with new techniques for each of our subsequent “paintings” (see below!).

These pieces were constructed with eyes open, with eyes closed, in motion and in motion with eyes closed!  And we were working against time.  At regular intervals the other two children would run into the room and destroy whatever it was we had created.