Cactus Tractor Swims with Dolphins

Well, techically we swam with a string quartet, and technically we weren’t swimming, we were playing music.  But in the words of David Bashwiner (now, a very famous personage in Albuquerque*), playing with our string quartet (we don’t technically own them–we just wish we owned them) “is like swimming with dolphins.”  According to our bassist (see above about ‘ownership’), Michael Olivola, playing with Cactus Tractor is “traumatic and fun.”

A short clip of us swimming with dolphins (that dog-shaped one is actually a killer whale, and my jeans were destroyed by a pack of sharks!)

Anyway—we’ve been traumatizing dolphins and bassists and fancy drummers and horn sections because we’re practicing for a very, very important day.  Friday.  Of all the Fridays in the year this is Friday, December 18th.  And if that wasn’t weird enough, it’s also the Friday that we will be playing at the Outpost AND releasing our second album: Lydian Water Songs.  “An Evening with Cactus Tractor” will be a night to remember—so get your tickets now!—and remember the evening later!

“But what”—you say—”is lydian water singing? And how can I get me some?”  We reply, “Ah-hem, Lydian Water Songs can be got (pre-ordered) here, and if you really want to know what it is, you should read the review of the album that was published last week right now (scroll down till you see “Cactus Tractor”).  [Editorial note: You can also read David’s slightly more informative account in his interview, in which he waxes professorial on what it means and how it feels to write in the Lydian mode (and, as in our radio broadcast of a few weeks ago, once again falls still a wee bit short of actually having a point—or at least making it seem like he does). -DB]

An example of Lydian Water Singing, and a preview of “An Evening with Cactus Tractor”

Have you finished reading these tiny tomes? Are you intrigued? In awe of our “mighty blog”? Still in need of some clarification?  We recommend you come to the show on Friday!


*David (see photo above) will actually be featured in next week’s Alibi as well (in addition to this week’s Alibi) and we predict that, by the following week, people all over the world will be saying his name.  Probably loudly.  Probably before they have breakfast. [Editorial Note: I did. This morning. -CC]