We’d planned to spend Halloween lying low and hiding from the scary members of Cat Distractor but then we had a better idea.  We came up with this totally fresh thought: disguises!  Why not go out on a limb and wear costumes for Halloween!  Unfortunately most of the band weren’t into it.  David was flying to North Carolina, Brandon was polishing silverware, Samuel decided to stick to the original plan and was ‘lying low’, the list goes on.  So Stef and I thought long and hard and came up with the perfect Hallow’s eve theme for the two of us: the Power of Love!

ImagePhoto courtesy of Eric Parthum (Not only did he meemily edit the be-hooey out of our Halloween wife photo he also texted me at 1am this morning to remind me that the month has changed, what would I do without Eric!)

No costume describes the power of love like Leeloo floppily dangling from Bruce Willis’ arms (especially with such a cinematic arch behind us).  We were greeted with cries of joy at Anodyne, “It’s love! the fifth element is love!”

polaroid45 polaroid47Leeloo and Brucey play pool.

As Leeloo and Bruce we did encounter a little love-themed competition.  The members of the really awesome band Pancakes were dressed up like a human heart and John Cusack from the movie Say Anything respectively.  We didn’t see Cat Distractor, but it’s possible that they too were wearing disguises.


“John” told me that he dressed up like Leeloo last year!

Love was, and really is the perfect theme for this month, and, well, the upcoming year.  Our Kickstarter campaign is nearing it’s sweet, incredibly successful end, and when its over we’ll begin our most intensive Valentine’s day preparation ever.  That’s right!  Our Debut Album debuts on February 14th.  And it will be shipped to you bursting with love.

meandmywife1 Like side project band “Me and My Wife” the Cactus Tractor Debut Album will reek Love and Oppulence.

For now, goodnight.