In Galesberg, Illinois. –Sitting in the pleasant breeze of a lazy summer window, Earle Grey tea at hand, cicadas and trains syncopating the background sound scape.  There are giant red candles massed out across the wide window sill boards next to me.  Leafy shadows romantically caress the computer screen in front of me and a group of Knox college folks are discussing the logistics of why groove music is sexy.  David is illustrating a point with some complex beat-boxing, which I didn’t even know he could do… You’ve been holding out on the band Bashwiner!

On our drive today we decided that we’ve been on tour forever.  It just seems like we’ve always been on the road; waking up on strange mattresses, couches, floors, squished next to dining room tables, in a tent in someone’s backyard, and occasionally, in very comfortable beds.  It’s just become normal to wake up in one of these places, repack* the car, wander through the day and eventually fall asleep somewhere else.  (Sometimes we play music too!)

It’s also started to seem normal for people to approach David on the street.  Someone greeting him with the congratulatory  salutation, “Hair god!,” as we pass, or a woman grabbing his curls in awe… these things just happen, a lot.  It’s lead me to pose the question: “Wait, are you famous already?”  A question he refuses to answer.  But perhaps you can!  Which of the images below is a picture of David (Sebastian/Claude)?  Your poll answers are much appreciated, and perhaps we can clear this whole thing up, together.

Further evidence has surfaced that David may be famous in his own right, already.  Turns out he’s got a hit song in Galesberg that has been played on repeat for weeks in fraternity kitchens.  After this came to light we transformed a trampoline and started shooting footage for the music video.   Coming soon, I hope!

*repack–  On repacking:  Repacking is Sebastian’s favorite part of the day, which is mystifying to me because he does it differently every time.  When I repack the car I follow a precise blueprint so that one can see out the back window.  But this does not appear to be Sebastian’s goal.