Past Shows

September 2014

September 7 – Me & My Wife perform at Animales Animados, Tiguex Park, 4:30pm

Gatas y Vatas fundraiser “Animales Animados: Gods, Goddesses and Mythical Creatures” on Sunday.  This event features teams of aerialist performers and local female musicians.  See:<a href=””></a></em

September 13 – Expo State Fair, Albuquerque Song Competition, 1pm-2pm

Stef’s song, Albuquerque, placed second in the Albuquerque Song Competition! Expect our forthcoming AlbuquerquEP coming out sometime soon.  The EP will feature Stef’s award-winning contribution and our (David, Christy, and Paul) losing contributions!  The EP will also feature Brandon/Samuel’s contribution, which they decided not to enter at the last minute (so we don’t know if its a winner or a loser… you decide!)

September 13 – Micheal Jaguar Private Eye, Wedding (private event)

September 13 – Kalm Yoga Grand Opening: The Art of Living Calm, 8338 Comanche Rd NE, 6pm-9pm


September 19 – Christy & Stef perform solo spots at Gatas y Vatas, Kosmos, 6pm – 1am

You won’t see the full band, but you will see Stef (aka Mrs. Granullivan) and Christy perform original solo sets.  You’ll also see lots of other local female magician musicians.

September 20 – Tall Boys (another CT spin-off / ABQ Boys Choir spin-off duo) perform at Danger Carnival, Skarsgard Farms, 6pm-11pm

September 26 – September 28 – Southwest Regional Folk Alliance Showcase, 7:30pm – 10pm, Holiday Inn Midtown, Austin Texas.

August 2014

August 5 – National Night Out

Come join the whole neighborhood for a National Night Out party at Tiguex Park. 6:30–8:30 pm, 1800 Mountain Rd. NW

August 7 – TBA

Come and support The Beer Underground as they start to build their very own bar / brewery!

August 15 –  Wells Park Tractor / Tricklock Reptilian Lounge – 10 pm

We will play as the house band for the Tricklock Company’s super amazingly cool Reptilian Lounge, which will be held at the Wells Park Tractor and will be part the Albuquerque 24 Hours of Art Festival

August 16 – Railyards ABQ 24-hours of Art Festival

7pm Railyards. Come celebrate 24 hours of art with all of Albuquerque at this amazingly cool historic landmark.


July 2014

July 31 – Marble Brewery

Cactus Tractor will be playing on Marble’s delightfully renovated porch all evening. 6pm – 9pm